Vara online hackathon

4th Season Hacking dates: 01/02/2024 → 01/03/2024Demo day: 04/03/2024

1 month

1 season duration

10 seasons

In total


Prize fund



What is Vara Hackathon about?

Gear Foundation is committed to cultivating an ecosystem of bold and creative ideas. That’s why we’re launching the Varathon.

What is Varathon?

Varathon is a groundbreaking online Web3 development hackathon spread across seven seasons over seven months. We invite Rust developers to explore the cutting-edge Wasm implementation based on the Actor model and Persistent memory. Join the forefront of Web3 technologies and create remarkable projects on Vara Network!

Unleash your creativity, create meaningful connections, and embark on an exhilarating journey of tech-driven innovation.

How it works?

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    Register as a team or solo hacker looking for a team

  2. 2

    Discord & Telegram

    Join our channels  and  find the organizational information

  3. 3

    Build & Learn

    Build your project  and get individual guidance from mentors

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    Submit your project by the season deadline

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    Presentation Day

    Participate in the Presentation Day hosted by Gear Foundation

Varathon Mentors from

Our distinguished Web3 experts will serve as judges for the Varathon Demo Day, where you can showcase your projects.Throughout all seasons, seize the opportunity to connect with potential advisors, paving the way for your project's success.

Varathon is an integral part of Gear Foundation's extensive accelerator program. Learn and receive expert evaluations in Rust programming, network integration, technical support,and project assessments from our specialists.

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    Pavel Salas

    Chief Growth Officer

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    Peter Volinsky

    Chief Technical Officer

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    Luisa Medova

    Ecosystem Team Lead

Why Build on Vara?

  • Vara offers scalability, security, and efficiency, making it perfect for next-gen Gaming, Financial-based applications, and other modern use cases.

  • Feel the power of Parallel processing, check the library of dApp smart contracts, inspire and start building now!

  • ?

    Not sure what you want to build?

    Don’t worry we prepared a database with ideas & technical requirements for inspiration.

Available tracks

Note that you are not bound to suggested ideas, it’s rather a friendly guidance.

  • Ecosystem Support

    Analytics, tooling, and sites for Gear awareness.

  • NFTs

    Collections that break new ground, and/or include experimental aspects.

  • DeFi

    Original work that leverage Gear’s Infrastructure.

  • New Things

    The most divergent ideas: DAOs & tooling, decentralised internet, gambling all things weird.

  • Zero-knowledge

    The most advanced scaling & privacy contracts.

  • Gaming

    100% onchain or infinite games that utilise WASM VM.

Ready to build on the edge of Web3?

Utilise actor model, persistent memory & WASM

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Prepare yourself for the Varathon and learn

  • How to build & test smart contracts and decentralized applications
  • How Smart contracts interact with the client side
  • About the Powerful features of Gear protocol
    (delayed messages, system signals, system and gas reservation)

Are you ready to be part of the next wave of Web3 innovation?